Is there a minimum height at which the Oscillot® System must be installed to be effective?

Yes, we recommend that the Oscillot® System be installed on fences at a minimum height of 1.8 metres or 180 centimetres. If your fence is shorter than 180 centimetres in height you can install fence extensions or thick polycarbonate sheeting to raise the height of the barrier and then install the Oscillot® Paddles on top.


How do I measure my yard for the Oscillot® System?

Check out the DIY Guide to see how to measure your yard for the Oscillot® System. Alternately, contact our Head Office for specific advice on measuring your yard.


What lengths does the Oscillot® System come in?

The Oscillot® System comes in Paddle Sets, which are 2 metres in length. The Paddles can be cut down to size as required. See our Installation Guide for information about cutting Paddles to size.


Do I need to get my Neighbours permission to install Oscillot on top of the fence we share?

Although you may not be legally obliged, we do recommend that you obtain permission from your neighbour if you plan to install the Oscillot® System on top of a shared fence.


Do I have to get Local Council approval to install Oscillot® on top of my fence?

Generally you do not need Local Council approval to install the Oscillot® System on top of your fence however, as Regulations vary from state to state, we recommend that you contact your Local Council before installation.


I live in a Strata Title Community, can I install the Oscillot® System on my fence?

We recommend that you obtain permission from your particular strata management before installation of the Oscillot® System to a strata property. We have installed many Oscillot® Systems to strata properties as the system is discreet and aesthetically pleasant therefore it is generally the first choice of cat containment options for strata management communities.


Is the Oscillot® System suitable for all types of fences?

Although Oscillot® is suitable for installation on most types of fences such as steel, galvanised, timber and masonry fencing, it is generally not effective on tubular and wrought iron fences where spacing between the vertical bars allows an easy escape for a cat.


Is there a guarantee that my cats won’t escape my yard if I have the Oscillot® System?

The Oscillot® System is a safe and effective way to prevent your cat from scaling your fence if installed correctly on suitable fence types. However, installing the Oscillot® System alone will not always prevent your cat from escaping your yard. You need to take in to account the variables that may be present in your yard such as trees and hot water systems next to the fence, gaps under the fence etc.


Can I get the Oscillot® System installed for me if I do not want to do it myself?

If you are in Australia your local Hire A Hubby should be able to help. Our comprehensive DIY Installation Guide and Installation Guide Video contain everything they need to know. If you are in New Zealand or Europe, get in touch with us and one of our Distributors will chat with you about your options for installation.


Why do I need extra Post Kits?

All installations require at least 1 extra Post Kit. The Paddle Set includes 1 Paddle and 1 Post Kit, so you need another Post Kit to attached the other end of the Paddle to the fence. See 'Why do I need extra Post Kits?' for an example.


Is there a warranty on the components?

Yes, the Oscillot® System components come with a warranty. View Product Warranty